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Family and inheritance law

We help to create a family wealth management strategy

We guarantee the embodiment of your ideas
Inheritance planning

UFG WM provides comprehensive support for wealth inheritance issues. We will help you determine the rules for the distribution of assets between family members or close family circle, choose the best and safest way to transfer capital and prepare the heirs for further business management

We offer a range of inheritance planning tools:
drafting any kind of will;
transfer of property to a hereditary fund or trust;
investment life insurance;
transfer of assets to a professional trust manager.
Advising heirs

We accompany the process from inheritance planning to inheritance rights. We organize the assessment of assets and ensure the management of inheritance property according to the will of the family head. We help to allocate a marital or compulsory share, as well as divide the inheritance by agreement between the parties

Our goal is to preserve and grow family wealth when passing through generations

UFG WM Family Office expertise is confirmed by the highest professional awards
How we work

We develop the optimal concept of inheritance transfer

We care about your data security on intra-family capital transfer

We provide support to the family in difficult times

We integrate your inheritance management rules, suggesting how to minimize costs and taxes when transferring the estate
We organize the process of transferring assets and ensure control over the property upon entry into force of law

Our case


Transfer of client assets to heirs


We developed an optimal strategy for the inheritance and protection of assets, prepared an investment strategy with portfolio diversification and separation of investment models before and after the event in relation to the client


Establishment of an estate fund in Liechtenstein, opening bank accounts in various jurisdictions for effective asset management. Transfer of the сlient's liquid and illiquid assets to a fund with minimal taxation and costs. Execution of four wills in Russia and the EU

Our experts

Diana Kalyaeva

Diana Kalyaeva

Partner, Head of Multi-family Office
Nikolay Vargasov

Nikolay Vargasov

Asya Andreeva

Asya Andreeva

Director, Head of Legal
Baina Bursluginova

Baina Bursluginova

Senior lawyer
Anastasia Kiseleva

Anastasia Kiseleva

Anastasia Nagornaya

Anastasia Nagornaya

Junior lawyer

Preserving your wealth is our responsibility!

Get in touchFamily and inheritance lawFamily and inheritance law
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