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The special tax regime for expatriates: Mauritius

Some jurisdictions - Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, and Spain - offer special tax regimes for expatriates and digital nomads. Countries implement tax incentives to attract investment and stimulate business activity.

The said tax benefits may include:

Each jurisdiction sets forth specific criteria for applying a special tax regime. It could be:

Let's take a closer look at exotic Mauritius. The island has picturesque views, a modern system of legal regulation of transactions with cryptocurrencies and digital financial assets, and an almost "Edenic" tax regime.

Premium Visa holders are not subject to Mauritian personal income tax on their income derived from "remote" work/business activities unless such payment is remitted to a bank account in Mauritius.

At the same time, spending money in Mauritius through foreign debit/credit cards shall not be treated as remitting an individual's income to the island. Moreover, even when foreign income is transferred to a bank account in Mauritius, it may be exempt from Mauritian tax. To do this, you must confirm that you paid taxes in the country of origin or residence (regardless of the effective rate).

In addition, premium visa holders do not pay solidarity tax (on unremitted income), social contributions, and other fiscal levies in Mauritius.

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