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Where to Invest in Portugal?

After the pandemic, investing in commercial real estate in European countries has become unprofitable. How to optimize asset management, tells Head of Real Estate at UFG Wealth Management

Portugal’s attractiveness for real estate investments is growing. That’s for sure because of a low-income tax, the absence of wealth tax, high rental yields (up to 6%), and economic growth which is more than in any other European country.

Logistics facilities, office buildings, and residential property are the most in-demand for investing.

Besides, there is no problem with investing amid closed borders - almost everything happens online nowadays. However, it can take up to 50% longer to complete deals.

How do we check the condition of the facilities in Portugal (as well as any other foreign country)?

The only real problem you can face here is that exiting the market can be quite difficult. That’s why, before investing in property in Portugal, you need to understand what vital interests connect you to it.

Mikhail Devyatov, Managing Director of Real Estate Department, UFG Wealth Management for Snob

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Nadezhda Ulyanova

Nadezhda Ulyanova

PR Director
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