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Turkey, Mexico, South America or Pakistan? Where to invest in 2021

This year has brought volatility to financial markets that investors have not seen since 2008.

But the greed of investors defeated fear: stock indices set new records, and «cash»is looking for the assets that had not yet recovered.

Exclusively for The Bell, Aleksei Potapov, the director of the investment department of UFG Wealth Management, talks about which stock markets of developing countries should be looked at in 2021.

The new strain of coronavirus in the UK and new travel restrictions have forced investors around the world to withdraw from risky assets, but only for a while.

With the beginning of mass vaccination, risk-averse investors will once again start looking for undervalued assets and will naturally turn their attention to equities (and stocks in general) in developing countries, which have been hit hardest by both the pandemic and internal factors that have exacerbated the crisis.

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Nina Sadovnikova

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