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Tax Planning

We know that a comprehensive and ongoing professional review of your family's tax situation is a critical element for achieving your long-term goals, a process that often saves as much as a third of annual income. It is for precisely this reason that we retain a highly-skilled team of top-tier tax specialists who are not only well-versed in cross-border tax consulting, but also have extensive expertise in the crucial areas of tax filing, tax administration, and financial reporting.

Our specialists provide comprehensive support for any and all personal tax issues and for any tax issues regarding assets that belong to you.

In particular, we have vast experience in providing services in the following issues:

  • tax legislation of the Russian Federation, as well as all other appropriate related countries and jurisdictions;
  • controlled foreign companies, including analysis of existing structures, as well as recommendations for the optimization, the development, and the continued support of new structures;
  • organization of, and support for, the preparation of reports for controlled foreign companies;
  • currency legislation of the Russian Federation, including the preparation of notifications of foreign accounts and reports on transactions in foreign accounts;
  • personal tax residence.
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