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Succession Planning

Many of UFG Wealth Management's clients are first-generation entrepreneurs. Having created their wealth from scratch in the last two decades, they come to us to create an effective succession plan from scratch as well: one that will ensure the smooth hereditary transfer of assets and joint business ownership to their loved ones. We offer expert preparation of documents and investment strategies to help achieve this, but we understand that this is only part of a successful succession plan. Our approach goes further, assisting successors in becoming educated and informed about the details and responsibilities of their inheritance, through effective mentoring and emotional training. We believe that well-grounded successors are the best custodians of your family's wealth and reputation.

UFG Wealth Management's succession planning services include:

  • Creation of an overall capital ownership strategy for your family.
  • Tailoring appropriate legal structures to ensure the smooth hereditary transfer of assets while minimizing expenses.
  • Ensuring confidentiality about the distribution of wealth within your family.
  • Consultation and recommendations about your successors' education.
  • Assistance to successors in the transfer and eventual control of their capital.
  • Establishment of philanthropic legacies and instruments.
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