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Structured Assets and Capital

The optimal time to contemplate issues such as appropriate asset ownership and management structure is when you are starting your business. Unfortunately, history shows that many successful business owners, despite their best intentions, overlook or delay these important decisions, and often unwittingly create risks not only for themselves, but also for future generations to come. Understanding the difference between concepts such as "simple ownership," or "multiplying capital" lies in the ability to accurately gauge the future and confidently deploy the resources available to you.

UFG Wealth Management provides the expertise and experience to:

  • Create and optimize holding structures for diverse family assets.
  • Facilitate the purchase or acquisition of new businesses and assets with in-depth financial analysis of targets, as well as expert legal support in actual deal execution.
  • Devise strategies for restructuring, sale of businesses, or fundraising from external sources.
  • Delineate and separate your personal assets from your business assets.
  • Provide on-going legal support and consultation to ensure your decision-making is aligned with your long-term wealth management goals.
  • Execute astute financial analysis to calculate the optimal balance of assets.
  • Organize risk management and insurance to safeguard your property.
Structured Assets and Capital
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