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Commitment To Excellence

At UFG Wealth Management, we are dedicated to upholding the expectations and trust our clients place in us: our focus is to develop the most capable team of multi-disciplined experts in the market, who share our clients' goals to safeguard their best interests today, ensuring continuity and growth for the future.

Direct Relationship

We believe that one of the cornerstones of wealth management is a direct and uncompromised relationship with each of our valued clients, and we measure our reward solely in terms of the expansion of this base. At UFG Wealth Management we do not, under any circumstances, accept commission or royalties from third parties. We believe this is the best way to ensure that our advice is completely impartial, and our sole motivation remains acting in our clients' best interests.

Longevity, Continuity, Trust

As founders of Russia's first family office, we understand that effective wealth management does not just manage and streamline your assets today, but also ensures that future generations will benefit from their safe-keeping and growth through careful, forward-thinking planning. We achieve this through building a long-term relationship with you: keeping both the immediate and distant futures constantly on the horizon, striving to improve your quality of life, and the quality of life for future generations to come.

Global Jurisdiction

We recognize that successful wealth management means global wealth management, and for this reason, our expertise extends to legal, tax, and financial operations in numerous countries and global financial centers. This range enables us to provide personalized strategies that meet your family's specific needs.


We regard confidentiality and discretion as inherent parts of everything we do. We know that our clients expect nothing less.
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