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UFG Wealth Management was founded by Oksana Kuchura in 2005 as the independent HNWI wealth management arm of UFG Asset Management. Initially, the company specialized in managing foreign liquid assets, while its main investment strategy focused on debt instruments in global markets.


Dmitry Klenov joined UFG Wealth Management in 2006 and the company significantly expanded its scope of service to include its legal practice.

2009, 2010, 2012

UFG Wealth Management was named Best Family Office for two consecutive years — 2009 and 2010 — as well as in 2012 as ranked by SPEAR'S AWARDS.


UFG Wealth Management became one of the first companies licensed to conduct investment activities in the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


UFG Wealth Management continued to expand its geographic footprint with new offices in Cyprus and Luxembourg. The management company was incorporated in Luxembourg and the first hedge fund managed by UFG Wealth Management started operations in Bermuda. That same year, Dmitry Klenov opened its law practice providing customers with comprehensive legal services. This new status allowed for expanded opportunities to protect customers' interests and provided clients with a wider range of rights set out in the Legal Practice Law. In 2013, total liquid assets overseen by the company reached $500 million.


The company continued enlarging its scope of service: services related to the acquisition and management of real estate developed into a new and full-fledged business. The company launched investment funds in Luxembourg to invest in European and Russian commercial property. UFG Wealth Management launched its second hedge fund in Bermuda.


UFG Capital was founded as a part of UFG Wealth Management in 2015, in large part due to a tightening of regulatory requirements. The UFG Capital brand united two licensed companies that provide asset management services which are available both for funds and for private investors under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In recognition of our rapid growth, impressive development, and strong leadership position in the market, Forbes Russia awarded UFG Wealth Management with the top spot in its rating of Family offices.


UFG Capital obtained an alternative investment fund manager's license in Cyprus, pursuant to the country's Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFM11/ 56/2013). Investment management arrangements for the funds of UFG Asset Management, namely, UFG Russia Select Fund (launched in December 2002) and UFG Special Situations Fund (launched in August 2013), were transferred to UFG Capital's platform. Adding Russia-oriented funds with a long-established successful track records to the portfolio allowed us not only to improve the overall quality of our services, but also to offer broader solutions to clients that closely adhere to crucial ongoing market tendencies. Total assets overseen by the group reached $1 billion.


The license in Cyprus was extended to individual portfolio management, safekeeping and investment advice, expanding our range of options for structuring investments.
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